Friday, September 17, 2010

Up Yours, Customer - The Flip Side

Something very important that I forgot to include in my previous post/rant is that the incidents that I describe are not unique to me. Unsolicited, people shared their negative experiences with these businesses. Lots of people having similar experiences with the same companies, stores, people says to me there is an issue.

Now, I must say that through this whole thing I have run into some incredible examples of superior customer service. I have to say that the small local bike shop near me is really great. They are friendly and they really try hard. There service is great, but the work lacks sometimes so they are not my 100% go to guys, but I know if I'm in a pinch, they will take care of me.

While trying to find a bike I was impressed by people who I talked to and their willingness to help me out. One company in particular, not a bike company, bent over backward to make contact with my bike company's local rep. The pro they sponsor is a fantastic person and I know now why they are partners. Another pro contacted his bike sponsor and again, bent over backward to find me a bike - and this guy was trying to make some money at the race. His bike sponsor was super cool and had me covered if I didn't have a ride when I got to Madison. Again, this guy is a great guy and the company he keeps is a reflection of that.

Now that I am trying to navigate this mess many companies and stores have come to the front to help me get the satisfaction I can't seem to get locally. They all fully realize that I might not buy from them, but it's the effort that counts and the willingness to help that sets them apart and will draw me back to them if I have questions or need advice. It drives me crazy that I have to look so hard to find these people.

Then, just recently I needed to get a technical jacket altered and I dropped an open email to one of our local outdoor retailers on their website. In no time I got a response. They couldn't help me but they gave me the name of a place that could. They gave me a contact name and forwarded my email to them. Then the person who they recommended to me sent me a follow up email. That's the shit I'm talking about. Why is that so hard? And these stores are big, established and busy - they're not "hungry" start-ups.

Thanks for listening. Look for more insulting, foul-mouthed, posts about Ironman Wisconsin in the next few days.


RP said...

Heya Todd,

Good post, and unfortunately true for most of us athletes. In fact I'm trying to get a refund now from a store I've done business with before with no probs. Tho now that there is a is becoming a HA and it should be them contacting me frequently and not the other way around. *sigh* I guess after calling long distance 3 times, now I need to email them since my CC has not received the credit they owe me.

SSB said...

i love insulting foul mouthed posts.