Thursday, November 13, 2008

How not to parent

"Dirty Skirt" lost her nomination for parent of the year.  Last Saturday her five-year-old son broke his tibia (the big shin bone) straight through about three inches above his ankle.  He was pillow surfing down their main steps while mom and dad were in the kitchen cooking up a batch of meth.  That last part was a lie - apparently mom and dad were in the kitchen "drying dishes".  Call it what you will - the kids were unsupervised.  None of this disqualifies anyone from parent of the year.  

The poor kid had surgery to reset his bone and is now home and in so much pain he can't be moved.  "Dirty's" family has just bought a new house and is still in the process of selling their current home so they are hyper vigilant of making any sort of mess in case they have to show it.  Her son has finally gotten to the point where he can sit in his wheelchair (it just gets better and better) and move around some.  

Yesterday, the kid is finally mobile but still learning to drive and he kept bumping into the walls.  "Dirty" finally got fed up and admonished the kid - "If you don't stop running into the walls I will take away your wheelchair."  

Cross her off the ballot!

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