Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mid-November, already a little frustrated

Too much time on my hands (no job - rainy, crummy day - home with sick kid) makes me think too much.  I tried to get on the bike trainer yesterday - I have it set up in the basement in front of the TV instead of in the laundry room like last year - but it didn't go well.  The batteries were dead on the remote and then the sensor on my computer wasn't picking up.  Once I got in the saddle, I lasted all of about 20 minutes total.  I was too bored!  I hate a treadmill (haven't been on one in years and not even close since I started running last year) so I am not sure what would make me think a bike trainer is much different.  It's not!  Way boring! But I have to figure out how to get some time in the saddle.  The bike is easily the weak part of my races and if I want to make the gains I have projected, improvement on the bike - even a little - will get me there.  

To complicate matters I have decided it is time to get an x-ray of my right shin.  I have had on and off pain for months now.  Nothing excruciating or persistent, but recurring and localized.  I want to make sure it's not a stress fracture or something that could put me out for a long time if I don't get it taken care of.  The thing of it is that it doesn't hurt after I warm up during a run.  It is most uncomfortable after I been sitting for awhile.  Strange, but I figure better safe than sorry.

So my mind has decided to be frustrated - "I will never get enough time on my bike because attempt one was rather dismal."  "I have a broken leg!" "I am going to be 40."

One thing I can't do anything about, the other one probably won't come to pass (and if it does, I am one tough mo fo) and the third one I just need to keep getting on no matter how long or short a time.

I have to just take it all one day at a time.  

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