Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Inertia

Sunday's are my training off days. I should just call it that and not fool myself into thinking I am actually going to do ANY training. I stand in the shower and tell myself, "OK, today I will do my lower body weight work and core work." Then the days starts, and although I remind myself continuously, I never get around to doing anything. Unfortunately, this Sunday Inertia sometimes (too often) spills into Monday. I am hoping to avoid that tomorrow as I have already received agreement that I can go to Masters in the morning. (A will workout when I get back.)

This Sunday has been especially difficult. We went to a cocktail party Saturday night and got home probably about midnight, so I was in bed about 12:30 AM. I don't drink, but I felt hungover in the morning. It didn't help at all that the kids get up at 6:30 AM every Saturday and Sunday - drives me crazy. I got up with the kids and got them settled in front of the TV with cartoons, told them no fighting and then went back to bed. (Observant parents will, at this point, realize I didn't mention food or drink, because it was too damn early. They can wait. They won't starve - I am a terrible dad.) 

At some point, A got up and left me to sleep. The dog jumped up on the bed and slept next to me (which he is not allowed to do, but I let him sometimes and I was too tired to push him off.) I was out for another couple of hours - which has not happened in a LONG time. (Thanks, Honey!) The dog and I have this thing though - when we hear A coming down the hall I say, "Apollo, A's coming. Off! Off!" and give him a little push off the bed and he jumps down and quickly settles onto his bed so when A comes in he is getting out of his bed to greet her - we are soooo sneaky.

We ended up having dinner very late, for us. So I had time to take the dog for a little later walk. I took the route that takes me over a couple of blocks and ran into a textile rep I know. She had heard all about the dog from her daughter because she rides the same bus as my kids and is picked up earlier. I was catching up with her - the company she works for closed their showroom and five or so others across the country. She is still employed, just working from home - I didn't realize this. It's just another illustration of how bad it is right now. As we were talking, her husband, a furniture rep, came out and we were all catching up in their driveway. I asked him how his business was and if he was cutting back on travel at all. He said that actually, he was just looking at booking some upcoming travel and asked if I wanted to join him. This guy reps great lines and is a lot of fun, I said, "Hell, yeah!" When I got home, I told A and she was very receptive. I will provide more details once it gets nailed down - you know how these things can evaporate pretty quickly. It could be a very good opportunity on many levels.

Well, since I am committed to swimming tomorrow, I better wrap up the day. I don't want this sloth-like Sunday to hold me down at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Again.


Natalie said...

I know exactly what you mean...I hate that hungover feeling the next morning when I haven't had a single drink.

Good luck with that furniture rep! Hope it all works out for you!

Hey, I saw your tweet on the right about Lake cycling shoes. Did you ever find anything out? Nashbar is having a huge sale and I saw some on there and was wondering myself.

Natalie said...

In reply to you, I go to Gold's Gym. I think I might head to the river by DT St. Paul for a run today. It's going to be gorgeous and I can't stand not to take advantage before it cools down a bit again.

Did you make it to Masters this morning?

Charisa said...

Sneeky trick you and the dog have! Good luck w/ the rep and traveling - Milan?! SWEET - Italy rocks!!! I hope something great comes from all of it!

Mary said...

You would make an awesome, cool.

Fingers crossed.

My off day is suppose to be Monday. It turned into Sunday with sick kids and a husband doing the taxes.

Sometimes life just takes control.